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Counseling for women who are ready to find their purpose, voice, and value.
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If you are a woman who is ready for a more fulfilling life experience, you’ve come to the right place.


At this point in your life, you may feel like you are traveling without directions, just trying to survive from one day to the next. It doesn’t have to be that way, I can assure you that! Come to a place where there is knowledge, support, and a genuine care about your wellbeing and success.


Feeling overwhelmed because you are the only person that you can depend on.

Expecting society to validate your worth as a woman and human being.

Going through the day-to-day motions without feeling a sense of fulfillment or joy.


Uncovering ways to make genuine and fruitful connections that can allow you to grow.

Learning how to validate yourself and see the value that is within.

Identifying and healing the traumas and toxic cycles that you are attached to, so you can find true joy and peace.

This is your Pivotal moment!

Specializing in:

Women's Mental Health

Anxiety, Depression, Stress, Trauma, Life transitions, Relationship challenges, and more

Substance Abuse

TeleMental Health

Available for residents of North Carolina and Florida.

We are a counseling practice that caters to women's mental health and wellness. We are women supporting women. We care about you, your family, and your story. You can trust that we will treat you with respect, dignity and compassion in every interaction, while maintaining the highest standards for integrity and ethics.


Phone: (919) 418-1613


189 Wind Chime Ct
Suite 202
Raleigh, NC 27615

Email: shanice@pivotalbreakthroughcounseling.com